Who's Who

We're a whole church family, so the best way to get to know us is to come and meet us on a Sunday morning - but here are a few of the key characters who keep us ticking over during the week, as well as on Sundays!


Simon wearn

Our Vicar, Simon Wearn, has been with us at Holy Trinity since 2013. Simon is passionate about people of all ages knowing Jesus, which may involve dressing up and acting out Bible stories in our All-age services. He's married to Aenaone, and they have two children. Outside of church life you'll also find him entertaining the children, and enjoying football and other sports that he's bad at. Prior to being a vicar, Simon was an automotive engineer.


Karen Larmouth

Karen looks after things in the church office during the week - from our weekly notice sheet to wedding planning, and from banking to managing our adjoining Trinity Centre. Outside of work, you'll find this multi-talented woman downing the world's largest cup of tea, enjoying time with her two children, or snuggling on the sofa with her 'Dinky' dog.

Rachel Marshall
Church Warden

Rachel serves in this supporting role alongside her full-time work as a secondary school teaching, and has been a great blessing to the church in her time here. Outside work and church, you can find her behind the pages of an Agatha Christie novel, or relaxing at home with her husband Simon and the furry company of their two cats, Humphrey and George.


ANN King
church warden

Ann has been coming to Holy  Trinity since she became a Christian while her two girls were small - and we've all appreciated her hospitality skills over this time! As well as serving as a Warden, Home Group Leader and Service Leader, Ann also runs a breastfeeding support group for Sure Start, and is enjoying her new role as a Grandma!

tim oglesby
church treasurer

Tim does a fantastic job of  keeping track of our church finances year-on-year, and even manages to do so with cheer; he loves a good spreadsheet! A Home Group Leader who enjoys tackling the deep questions of life and faith, Tim also appreciates good company round a full table, and his ever-growing family.