Baptism is a sign of following Jesus. It points to our need for forgiveness and a fresh start. As such we baptise the children of parents who trust and follow Jesus and adults when they come to faith, if they haven't been baptised as a child.

If you're an adult and want to be baptised - do get in touch. If you haven't done it already, we suggest joining our Christianity Explored Course as a way of going over the basics of Christian Faith, which we can follow up with baptism if you to demonstrate that you have begun to follow Jesus.

If you're parents and want your child to be baptised - do get in touch also. At baptism parents and godparents express their decision to follow Jesus, and make promises for their child. To help you get ready for that, we run a Baptism Preparation Course to help you understand Who Jesus is, Why he came, and What it means to follow him - both personally and as a family.

For those who would like to mark the birth of their child with thanksgiving and prayer, but are not ready to make the commitment to Christian faith that Baptism requires, we offer a Service of Thanksgiving.

If you want to take this forward, the first step is to get in touch and come along to one of our services, where you can meet the church family and arrange to take things further with Simon, our Vicar.

Further information about infant baptisms in the Church of England can be found here.

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